What is Redlands Gymnastics Club?

aboutRGC3Redlands Gymnastics Club is an innovative program that provides children with an enjoyable learning experience which produces a profoundly positive and lasting effect on their personal growth. The Redlands Gymnastics Club staff cares deeply about the personal development of each student. We believe that personal development always supersedes athletic skill achievement. The Redlands Gymnastics Club program combines challenging equipment with proven motivational techniques incorporating music, gymnastics, dance and much more into a lesson plan that is sure to please both parent and child. Each day we strive to give our students a better self-image.

Who We Are:

aboutRGC4Founder Sandy Stein’s vision for Redlands Gymnastics Club began nearly 20 years ago, when she was working as a gymnastics coach at Tumble Tots Gymnastics. Thriving in that position and passionate about seeing both kids develop and business succeeding, Sandy was quickly promoted to Gym Manager in just six short months. As Manager, Stein was able to lead the business in growth and influence over a period of several years, even in the midst of changing ownership. Not long after the change of ownership did the new owners release that passionate and family-focused Gym Manager they had on staff would probably be the best person to own the gym. So in May 2000, Sandy purchased Tumble Tots Gymnastics.

Mrs. Stein’s vision of the gym was the OPPOSITE of the typical “hard-nosed, super-strict, no-nonsense, no-fun” academy. Her vision was, and has continued to hold true today of, “helping kids of all ages and all levels to grow, develop, lay a foundation of healthy habits, and most importantly… HAVE FUN”!

Within a few short years, the 260 enrolled students doubled and space became limited. Then came waiting lists. Then waiting lists for all classes! Then came a demand for expansion. So in July 2012, with the blessing of a healthy business happening, the newly re-named Redlands Gymnastics Club moved into the 9,000 sq. ft. facility that is currently being used.

Currently, Redlands Gymnastics Club has over 900 enrolled students, over 20 incredible staff members and coaches, and yes, waiting list!

About Sandy Stein:

The success of Redlands Gymnastics Club largely lies in the passion, drive, mission, focus, and determination of Sandy that this venture is all about and all for the kids of Redlands and all of the neighboring cities.

sandyRGC1Aside from coaching and leading Redlands Gymnastics Club, Sandy is a wife and mother of four young children. As such, she completely values and prioritizes the necessity of a safe and caring environment. Keeping the parents in mind, Sandy has created a larger than normal Observation Area, developed unique events like Parents Night Out and Skills Open Gym in which parents are able to take care of themselves with a few hours of rest, fellowship and/or meaningful time with their loved ones, and more recently, developed an event called Play Dates in which parents are able to use the gym’s facility to help build parent/child bonding without the commitment of a membership. These are just a few of the things that Sandy has developed in order to fulfill her passion for healthy families.