Policies & Information:

Punctuality Policy:

Classes begin promptly and for safety reasons children must be present for warm-up. We require students to arrive five minutes prior to class. If your child is more than 10 minutes late, a make-up class needs to be scheduled.

Termination Policy:

Students will automatically be guaranteed a space in his/her selected class each month unless you notify us. Redlands Gymnastics Club requires a 30-day written notice of class withdrawal. No verbal withdraws will be accepted. Forms are available in the office or notice can be emailed to: redlandsgymnasticsclub@gmail.com. Please allow 1-2 business days for confirmation email.

Student Conduct:

Students are strictly prohibited from using any piece of equipment without proper supervision. NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE GYM FLOOR WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR PRESENT. No food or drink is allowed during class. Gum chewing is not permitted at any time. Personal articles must be stored in designated cubbies. Appropriate behavior is mandatory. Instructors will first attempt to correct unsatisfactory behavior using positive reinforcement. If this proves to be unsuccessful, a child may be placed on “Time Out” or a meeting between the parent and instructor will be scheduled to find a satisfactory remedy.

Clothing & Attire:

Children should wear non-restrictive clothing such as sweat pants or shorts and a t-shirt. Leotards are recommended but without tights. Shoes and socks will be removed prior to class. Girls must have long hair pulled back. Absolutely no jewelry allowed!

Drop Off Policy:

For the safety of our students, we ask that parents wait until your child(ren)’s class starts before you leave. We also ask that you be back for pick up AT LEAST 5 MINUTES before their class ends. We are not responsible for any students outside of their class times. If you leave your child more than 10 minutes before or after class you will be charged $1 a minute. Thanks for understanding that safety is a priority.

Make-Up Classes:

Regular attendance is strongly enforced so that your child will receive the maximum benefit and value from the program. However, we understand that situations may arise that you will be unable to attend regularly scheduled class. Should this occur, we will be happy to provide a make-up class on Saturday. Make-up classes are a special benefit that we offer; however, it is something that CAN NOT be rescheduled. We ask that whenever possible you notify us in advance of your absence. See the front office for assistance in scheduling a make-up class or contact the gym office by phone or e-mail. WE CANNOT PRORATE TUITION FOR MISSED CLASSES.

To schedule a MAKE-UP CLASS, you can either call or go on our ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Special Events “No Show” Policy:

For special events in which registration and payment has been made, there is NO REFUND for those who “No Show” at the particular special event.

Personal Belongings:

Redlands Gymnastics Club is not responsible for any missing items left in our cubbies. We ask that you do not leave anything valuable while you are in class.

Refund Policy:

After payment has been made for an event, class, party, annual fee, monthly registration, equipment or anything else not listed (unless otherwise noted), there are no refunds.