Our Classes:

Parents and Tots: (Ages 18 Months to 3 Years Old)

This class is for parents and children (ages 18 months- 3 years old). Gymnasts will learn motor skills, coordination, balance, and all around physical fitness in a safe and fun environment. Each week a fun theme is incorporated into the class activities to further develop each child’s social, cognitive, and physical well-being. Basic gymnastics skills are introduced which include tumbling, bars, balance beam and trampoline.

Tumble Tots: (Ages 3 to 5 Years Old)

This class is for preschoolers ready to experience a class “on their own”. Class includes basic tumbling, bars, trampoline, and beam, as well as social skill development. Students work through stations, with the focus on developing coordination, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and motor skills. Every week we have a new theme that helps the children remember what skills are being taught.

Tumble Kids: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (Ages 5 Years Old & Up)

Our gymnastics classes for kindergartners and up are designed to teach correct gymnastics technique and encourage each student to do their personal best in a fun and positive learning atmosphere. Gymnastics provides children with lots of physical, mental, and social benefits. These classes help build coordination and balance; it also helps increase flexibility, body awareness, and muscle strength. The class is designed on a progression called Star Charts. When a student masters a skill their list is marked off. The coaches keep track of this weekly so the gymnasts are moved up according to skill progression.

All Boys Freestyle: (Ages 5 Years Old & Up)

This class is designed for boys’ ages 5 and older. In this class we work on moving, tumbling and flipping in a fun boyish way! This class works on balance, strength and ability to move while developing a positive self-esteem in a fun, loving environment.

Tumbling For Teens: (Ages 10 Years Old & Up)

No matter what tumbling skill a teen wants to learn, back handspring, round-off back handspring, tucks, layouts we can help! Our gym has all the equipment you need to reach the next level in your tumbling. Our tumbling instructors are trained gymnastics coaches, so they know all the important elements needed to teach tumbling skills. This class is Monday & Wednesday nights for an hour – it is a drop-in class so come as often as you would like! Of course, the more practice the faster skills are developed.

Team Aerial: (Level 1 to 8)

Our competitive gymnastics teams and taught in a positive and fun atmosphere for gymnasts. Our goal is to help gymnasts succeed through personal development in a team setting. We strive to create a fun but hardworking environment. As part of our team, The Aerials your child will learn sportsmanship, determination, teamwork, and most importantly improve their self-confidence for gymnastics and life. Our competitive gymnastics program consists of girls’ ages 5 and older; gymnasts can start competing at Level 1. Try outs are held by invitation only in May.