Our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

As we opening slow, safe, and wise, we wanted to update you on our new policies and procedures. We ask that everyone log into our parent portal and sign that you acknowledge our new policies from your home computer or phone. For safety, all customers will need to use the parent portal to sign up for all RGC classes & events.

As we are opening, we will be in contact with you about the new  revised class schedule, events, and when and how to sign up. This will be coming in the next couple of days through email.

At this time, we will follow the recommendation from the County, based on the gyms square footage, to determine how many gymnast can be on the floor. We will have a limited schedule and ask that you be patient as we work through so many changes for our staff and customers. Our class times will be spaced out, so we have time to sanitize before and after every class.

 As always, our goal is to make RGC as safe as possible for our staff, the gymnast, and families. With that being said, we ask for your help and compliance. Please know we have researched, talked to medical professionals, many families in our community, and we are doing what we think is best for our business and customers. We understand people are processing and moving forward at different speeds, and if for any reason you do not feel comfortable returning at this time, (and along the lines of these procedures) please let us know. We hope you will come back in the future when you are more comfortable doing so.

 New procedures: 

 -We ask that you take your child’s temperature before bringing them to class. Anyone who has over a 100.4 temperature, we ask that you stay home and schedule a make-up class for a later date. 

 – We ask that if you or anyone in your household have/had any of the following symptoms in the last 2 weeks to please go on our website and book a make-up class. Please do not come to RGC with any of these symptoms: Fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell.

 – When bringing your gymnast to RGC please wait in your car until 3 minutes before class starts to help keep the lobby area as clear as possible.

 -When in the lobby please social distance from those around you. We recommend only 1 adult per gymnast so we can safely socially distance. If you feel comfortable waiting in your car during your child’s class, we can call or come get you if needed. At this time, we will have VERY limited seating to help socially distance. Dropping your gymnast off is recommended for ages 4 and older.

 -When class starts, we will have all the kids sanitize their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  If a gymnast goes to the bathroom during class, they will also be given hand sanitizer when they enter the floor.  At the end of class when exiting all gymnast will again sanitize their hands. The gymnast will be free to wash their hands anytime they ask. We have added 4 more hand sanitizer stations around the gym, so now have a total of 8.

-When class is over, we ask that you leave promptly so that we can sanitize everything for the next class. We will disinfect the chairs, cubbies, equipment, bathrooms, counters, chairs and any other areas and surfaces that may have been touched.

-We will use an UV light on more porous equipment like the bars and beams as needed. 

 -For their safety, gymnasts will not be allowed to wear a mask onto the gym floor, as is could be extremely dangerous, should the mask slip over their eyes or slips down around the neck. RGC staff and coaches are given the option to wear a mask if they would like.

 -We will not allow gloves onto the gym floor; they are a safety hazard and dangerous on the equipment.

 -We will be coaching with social distancing in mind but please understand, for safety reasons, there will be times where your gymnast will need to be spotted. We ask that if you do not feel comfortable with your gymnast being spotted then please return when you are ready.

-We will use floor markers for the gymnast when feasible to help them socially distance.

-The gym will continue to be use a company that comes in and performs a Virus Vaporizer™ electrostatic spraying service every week,  more details on this service can be found here.

-Our staff has been trained on new class set ups, proper sanitizing techniques, and are excited to be back with all their gymnast and families. 

-RGC staff will be screened daily and only come to work when healthy and have no sign of symptoms. We have on-call staff just in case a coach does not feel well.

 Due to all these new procedures and policies we will need to increase the monthly tuition by $1 a week for the recreational classes, $3 a week for the Aerials Team, and $2 a week to add a second class a week. Thanks for understanding.

 Thanks for making RGC a fun and safe place for all, we will update and change procedures as we see fit. Please know we only want you to come back when you feel like it is the best time for your family. RGC will also offer virtual classes through at least the month of August.


Redlands Gymnastics Club